Youtube Vimeo Video Player and Slider WP Plugin


FEATURES: Support for YouTube and Vimeo

It supports video files from YouTube and Vimeo. All that is required is the video ID. Videos must be publicly accessible, not private or unlisted.

Color Scheme That Can Be Customized

You may design any color scheme using the parameters.

Automatically Retrieve the Video’s Thumbnail, Title, and Description From YouTube’s Servers

All you need to do is enter the YouTube video ID, and the plugin will automatically get the necessary information from the YouTube server. Parameters for using your own data.
Due to Google’s data capacity restrictions on YouTube API keys, you’ll need to create your own (free) YouTube API key and replace the old YouTube API key.

Design That Is Responsive

The plugin is compatible with responsive web pages. Optional setting for disabling responsive functionality in order to incorporate it into websites that are not responsive.

Compatible with mobile devices

It works with both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

Three-Version Playlist

You may display or conceal the playlist’s thumbnail and description. Additionally, there are controls for playlist size and color.

Numerous Parameters

Autoplay, looping, customizing colors and size and randomizing pictures.


Parameters for configuring the width and color of the border

Versions in Fixed-Width and Full-Width

Depending on your layout design, the plugin may be used in a fixed-width or full-width mode.

Effects of Photo Transitions (only for images)

16 picture transition effects include live fade, blocks, slide, and stripes.

Text Elements with Multiple Layers (only for images)

Allows for an almost infinite amount of animated text layers.

Each Slide Has Its Link (only for images)

Each slide may have optional links using the parameter _self or _blank. This way, you may provide a unique URL for each picture.

Navigation through Touch Screen (only for images)

Compatible with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

Circular Timer (only for images)

Color, dimension, and transparency parameters. A parameter is available to disable the circular Timer.


The JS file is around 40KB in size.

Updates Are Always Free

Once you’ve purchased the program, you may download all new versions for free from your account.

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