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There is a high need for quicker loading websites in the present day. If a website loads quickly, it is more trustworthy and professional. When it comes to user experience, website loading speed is critical. Additionally, it leaves a lasting impact on your visitor, resulting in a greater conversion rate.

“Plugin Manager Pro” is a WordPress plugin that enables the disabling of plugins for specific pages, posts, or URI circumstances. Occasionally, you do not need to load all plugins for each page or post. Even if you do, it will significantly slow down your website’s loading performance. As a result, you may choose to deactivate certain plugins for specific pages or posts to improve your website’s speed and professionalism. That is where our “Plugin Manager” plugin comes in handy. You will be able to deactivate any plugins that you believe are superfluous for specific pages or posts based on your requirements.

The benefits of using the WP Plugin Manager.
Reduces the size of the page by avoiding the download of unneeded CSS/js resources.
Reduces the amount of HTTP requests made in total.
Accelerate a website by up to 90%.
Conversion is a critical aspect to consider while optimizing a website’s performance. WP Manager optimizes a website’s overall performance.
Plugin’s primary characteristics
Extremely simple to use
Disable plugins selectively
Disable certain plugins for specific sites
Disable plugins for individual posts.
Plugins may be deactivated based on URI criteria.
There are four distinct sorts of URI situations.
Equals URI
URI Does Not Equal
URI Contains URI omits
Panel with simple choices
Extremely lightweight

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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