WordPress Team Showcase Plugin


This plugin allows you to show a collection of images and information in a variety of layouts. Although the plugin’s primary function is to show team/staff members, it may also be used for other reasons.

It’s ideal for displaying your staff, team, or labor force, even separated by categories or groups! Additionally, you can use it to showcase testimonials or any other kind of material that requires both a picture and text!

Sort by category

You may categorize your entries and show simply a subset of them or all of them! This manner, you may even organize your team/staff members according to their positions or departments.

Re-Ordering using Drag & Drop!

When browsing the archive of member entries, you may use Drag & Drop Ordering to rearrange the entries simply!

Each submission has its own page!

You may choose whether you want the entries to be active on a single page or not! If the single page is active, you may specify whether or not the items in the layout include a link to the single page!

Prepare for the future with JSON-LD

The plugin supports the inclusion of JSON-ld structured data that search engines may use to learn about your page and member entries. This will work with any rich snippets featured in search engine result pages.

Widgets Are Available!

The shortcode is widget-compatible! Copy the shortcode and paste it into a text widget, and the widget will show the selected layout!

Generator of PHP Functions and Shortcodes!

The process of generating the appropriate code to show the entries could not be simpler. Simply go to the Shortcode generator, choose the desired options, and the shortcode and associated PHP function will be produced and ready to copy and paste anywhere you want! Shortcodes are intended for usage in articles, pages, and widgets, however, the PHP function is required if you want to hard code the team showcase layout into your theme’s files.

The generator will generate a sample of the layout using the chosen options.

When you create a new entry, you’ll see that you’ll have additional fields for specialized material. By default, the following fields are present:

Free HTML – A text space in which HTML material may be included. Can be used to insert text that does not fit in the other input fields, or to simply provide lengthier content for the user, such as a tag line.

Job Title – The title of the team member’s position or the department’s description.




Individual Website

Connections to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube and Vimeo)

The settings page allows for the addition of new fields.

Name Your Own Feature!

You don’t like the name ‘Members’ for this feature? Change it to anything you wish in the plugin’s settings!

Sizes of default images

On the settings page, you may modify the default size of your photos. In this manner, all-new photographs you submit will be automatically scaled to the set dimensions.

Configuration of a single page

When you may select whether or not to activate the single page functionality and what information to show on it! For example, if your team member entry is associated with a WordPress account, you may offer the most recent posts!

Other Environments

Additional choices include the size and shape of social icons and whether or not email information is in the mail to: email format.

Multi-use! Be inventive!

Although this was designed to be an easy method to show a team or staff member on a WordPress website, it may be used for various reasons! If you have a situation that necessitates the presence of a list of photographs together with information, this plugin may be beneficial! You may make a list of items or services, for example!

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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