WordPress Google Maps Plugin


The most straightforward Google Maps and Open Layers Map plugin available!

Utilize the provided shortcode to quickly and simply add a customized Google map or Store Locator to your WordPress articles and/or pages. There is no hassle. There are no iFrames, and the interface is straightforward to use! Ideal for maps of contact pages, routes, delivery zones, and any other use you might think of!

While the accessible version of WP Google Maps enables you to build a Google map with an unlimited number of markers, the Pro edition allows you to do much more!

Create Elementor maps, map blocks, and map widgets quickly and effortlessly with our built-in WP Google Maps Elementor map block integration!

The Pro Version of WP Google Maps lets you build personalized Google maps with high-quality markers that include locations, descriptions, photographs, categories, links, and directions.

Google Maps is the most popular plugin for WordPress. Choose between Google Maps and Open Layers Maps.
Extremely simple to use; no code necessary!
Type in the address to create as many map markers as necessary.
Responsive maps
Block Elementor Map
With a single click, you may edit your map markers.
There are nine popular map themes to pick from.
Create or create a map theme of your own.
Drag and drop map markers to a precise spot.
Incorporate a map block into your page
Google Maps Streetview included support for UTF-8 characters.
The functionality of the map widget
The functionality of full-screen maps
Localization assistance
Choose from four different Google maps: roadmap, terrain, satellite, and hybrid.
Customize the width, height, and zoom level of your map.
Enhance your map markers with animations!
The functionality of the store locator
Restrict the search for a shop locator by the nation
Increase the number of polygons on your map
Polylines / Routes may be added to your map.
In less than 30 seconds, create a map!
To add a marker to your map, right-click.
There are no advertisements or links.
Autocomplete for Google Maps
Transport Layer on Google Maps
Configure the maximum zoom level for your map.
Serve data for your map markers through a database or an XML file.
Compatibility with plugins for caching
Google Maps API (latest version) OpenLayers API (latest version)
Create several maps!
Allow users to your website to get instructions for your markers.
Create map markers with descriptions, links, and photos.
Organize your map markers by adding categories.
Sort markers according to category
Combine several maps
Add unique marker symbols or create your own to make your map really stand out!
List your map markers in four different ways: as a list, a table, a carousel, or as an advanced table.
Permit visitors to utilize their current map position for instructions as a starting or finishing point.
Choose between the standard Google Maps information window and the new Modern information window.
Export/Import your markers to/from a CSV file for convenient editing.
Integrate Fusion tables with Google Maps
Display the visitor’s location on a map
KML/KMZ files may be imported into your map.
Options for the Store Locator that are more sophisticated
Allow consumers to look for stores using their geographical location Store locator search by category
Until a shop locator search is completed, hide all map markers.
Resize the map window to accommodate your marker list.
Numerous map widget capabilities
Add icons for map markers that are retina-ready
WordPress Network-aware

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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