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With the Elfsight Countdown plugin, you may create sales-generating timers for your website. Elevate the mood and create a sense of scarcity in your products by demonstrating how they sell out right before the customers’ eyes. Increase the urgency for purchasing as the special offer period draws to a close. With a countdown clock for WordPress, you can draw attention to upcoming events and keep your audience excitedly awaiting their commencement.

This is the plugin to use if you want to generate countdown timers for your promotional periods.
You intend to establish individual remaining-time counters for each visitor.
You want to create visually appealing holiday-themed sales bars.
You’re going to need a stock or sales counter.
You’re looking for a dependable solution that will save you time and money.
What do you get when you use our plugin
Countdown timer to create a sense of urgency
It’s simple to set up a custom countdown plugin that will display the time remaining until the conclusion of a special offer or discount period. It will assist you in creating a sense of urgency in website visitors and encouraging them to make a purchase.

Per-visitor remaining time counter
Utilize a customized countdown clock for each visitor to encourage them to make a favorable purchasing choice. It will indicate how much time remains till the conclusion of their unique offer, discount, or incentive, therefore increasing sales.

Counter from start to conclusion
With a custom counter, you may create the illusion of scarcity by reducing item supply directly in front of consumers’ eyes while raising the number of clients seeing the item. Simply enter the beginning and ending times to get the timer started, and it’s ready to go.

Following the timer’s expiration, there are two possible outcomes.
After the countdown expires, there are two possible actions. You may opt to have the timer vanish from the website or to have it replaced with a message that you create.

Duration of the timer is adjustable
With the aid of multiple time units, you can configure your countdown timer plugin for any amount of time. They are expressed in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Thus, you may convert a year to 365 days or two days to 48 hours. You may display all units or conceal those not required for your timing.

Purchase-inducing call-to-action
Create a call-to-action that creates urgency, excites your visitors, and motivates them to buy on your website right now. To do this, create and enter a message above the WordPress Countdown plugin; the message will appear on the page.

Button for expedited purchasing
Substitute a button underneath the Countdown Timer widget that directs consumers to a purchase page or any other website you want. Allow no user to miss a transaction and reduce the purchasing experience. Additionally, you may alter the button label and insert one that sounds encouraging.

Themes for the holidays to set the atmosphere
With seasonal discounts and special offers theme sales bars, you can maintain your website in the festive spirit and entice consumers. Utilize one of the predetermined themes, like Christmas, New Year’s, Black Friday, and Valentine’s. Maintain a positive environment to increase sales.

Positioning options on the page
You have a variety of options for the location of the WordPress countdown widget. Create a static bar in the website’s header, a floating top or bottom bar, or a custom place on the page; in this instance, you may additionally center, left, or right-align the widget.

Adaptive element sizes
To create your ideal widget, you may individually adjust the size of the clock and the button. Set them to the same size or to a different scale. Both components have convenient scroll bars that make determining the appropriate size simple.

Five ready-to-use timer designs
Five included style templates assist you in creating a Countdown plugin for your WordPress website that is consistent with the website’s design idea. Each of them is applied with a single click, and you may experiment with them all to see which is your favorite.

The interface’s paintable components
Our widget has four parts for which you may choose the colors: the timer, the button, the timer labels, and the message text. Select your hue to create a distinctive design.

Finally, a responsive widget.
We want our WordPress Countdown plugin to meet your and your guests’ every demand. As a result, it works flawlessly on every device, including tablets and smartphones, regardless of display resolution.

Editor that is intuitive and adaptable
Customization has never been so quick and straightforward. Utilize our convenient editor to quickly and easily customize the appearance of your plugin to match your website.

Updates are carried out automatically.
Your plugin will be updated automatically with new features and problem fixes. All you need to do is get a purchase code and activate the plugin’s license. Automatic updates will be enabled to guarantee the best possible experience.

The plugin is 100 percent WordPress compatible.
Never fear about compatibility; our plugin works flawlessly with any WordPress theme, including the following, which are among the most popular on Themeforest:

The Avada Jupiter BeTheme Enfold Flatsome X Salient Bridge Elfsight WordPress Countdown Timer widget may be added to any page on your website. Choose the installation method that is most appropriate for you:

Shortcode for WordPress
After creating a plugin’s widget, you’ll get its shortcode. You may use it in the same way as a standard WordPress shortcode, for example, by adding it to a page.

Gutenberg Editor for WordPress
While building your page, use the plugin’s custom Guttenberg block.

Support for the visual composer
Our Countdown Clock plugin includes a Visual Composer element for those who utilize authorized page builders, making it easier to deal with the plugin.

WordPress-native widget
Elfsight Countdown Timer plugin may be quickly added to any WordPress sidebar or bottom of your website to improve user experience.

Requirements minimum
Our plugin has a small set of prerequisites, which means that it will operate on practically any WordPress website out of the box:

WordPress 3.5+ compatible with jQuery 1.7+ (included by default in WordPress)

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