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Custom Notification Messages for WooCommerce can assist you in increasing sales by telling consumers about promotions/offers/deals on the store page/product page/cart page or during the checkout process.

You may boost the average order value by informing consumers of the minimum amount required to qualify for free delivery or other special offers.

A frequent error is to provide discounts or promotions that customers cannot perceive – or are not visible at all, rendering the entire process worthless.

WooCommerce Custom Notification Messages addresses this issue by allowing you to customize a message that your customers will see when they arrive at their cart/checkout page and on the store and product detail pages!

Rapidly Increase your e-commerce website’s sales!

Avoid abandoning your cart. According to studies, over 80% of consumers who quit their basket before completing their purchase do so due to the discovery of shipping charges. Therefore, giving free shipping on orders over a particular value and telling customers immediately on their shop/cart/checkout pages would help decrease cart abandonment.

You may show three different sorts of messages on your website: Amount required Minimum deadline Messages customized For the Message requiring the bare minimum, well, its title speaks for itself. You may use it to display a minimum order value notice on the Shop / Product details / Cart and Checkout pages—for instance – Free delivery on orders above $19.19. Additionally, depending on the template, you may customize the font, font size, color, link & color of the button, and more!

The Message about the deadline, well, it’s a message about the deadline. For instance: Order within 12 hours 29 minutes and receive complimentary delivery! Inform your users if you will be offering discounts/promotions/free delivery within a specific period. This specific massage will undoubtedly enhance your conversions!

And the customized Message, well, it’s customized. You may write anything here, such as 20 YEARS CELEBRATION! 20% OFF ALL ITEMS – USE CODE 20YEARSCELL AT CHECKOUT!, or Autumn Special Sale – 50% OFF, or any other message that may benefit your e-commerce firm.

There are four templates available. Numerous templates that may be quickly and easily altered You may adjust the colors, icons, and style of your messages directly from the plugin panel. Determine the location of your messages. Select which messages to display on your shop/product details/cart/checkout pages!

List of features:

Functions as a WordPress plugin Compatible with the woo-commerce platform Simple to set up and operate Three distinct forms of messaging available Message regarding the deadline Message regarding the minimum quantity Messages customized Customized button hyperlinks four design templates Customizable Change the font family, size, and color of the font. Change the color of the background/border Change the appearance of an icon / the color of an icon Requirements:

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