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WavePlayer for WordPress and WooCommerce is a completely configurable, responsive audio plugin. Its interface is based on the waveform of the currently playing audio file.

With WavePlayer, you can host your tracks, circumventing the constraints imposed by the majority of free music cloud services on the market, without sacrificing a sleek, contemporary player that you can configure to match the aesthetic of your website.

INTEGRATION OF WOOCOMMERCE Aren’t you weary of integrating a player into your WooCommerce audio-related items using complex techniques? We are aware of your concerns… as we were as well! That is why we created the most straightforward method for adding an audio player to your products. WavePlayer adds a Preview File option to the WooCommerce Product Editor’s Advanced tab, allowing you to choose one or more audio files to be linked with your product. We reproduced the current control for Downloadable files to familiarise you with the choice from the start. Once an audio file is paired with a product, WavePlayer takes care of the rest, seamlessly adding a player to both your product and store pages.

What is the plus? The connection works seamlessly with the most popular free and paid WooCommerce themes, including Avada, Astra, Bridge, Storefront (the official WooCommerce theme), WPOcean, and the most popular WooCommerce plugins, including WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Frontend Manager. Is your theme or plugin acting up? Send us a message in the comment box, and we’ll try our best to assist you in quickly setting up your items!

MANY SKINS WavePlayer 3.0 has six responsive skins, allowing you to customize the aesthetic element of your websites. Along with the many customization options that have helped WavePlayer become the best-selling and highest-rated plugin in the CodeCanyon WordPress Media category, you can now edit the factory skins or create your own entirely. And maybe the most intriguing aspect is that skin selection is not confined to a single website; users can even use several skins on the same page.

The responsiveness of the two new W3 skins is not restricted to the standard CSS media query, as WavePlayer additionally considers the parent container’s actual calculated width. In this manner, the interface is permanently configured to suit precisely what it can. Additionally, the factory skin pack includes “Play’n’Wave” and “Thumb’n’Wave,” two skins that serve as the most straightforward and effective companions for your WooCommerce items on the product page and store page, respectively.

ELEMENTOR WIDGET with GUTENBERG BLOCK With native support for Gutenberg and Elementor, two of the most popular and well-integrated page builders available, WavePlayer 3 is by far the most straightforward player available. Creating a page has never been so simple! WavePlayer is the most customizable audio player on the market, thanks to the Gutenberg block and the Elementor widget. Both builders give you access to every skin, palette, style, and option, which you can use and alter to create an infinite number of combinations, even on the same page.

MODE DARK Modern operating systems have the option to switch to Dark Mode. The user may choose whether their device’s primary interface is light or dark with this setting. Recommended by many as a means to improve the battery life of your devices, this new option is gaining popularity, and, of course, we couldn’t leave it out of WavePlayer 3.0. You may now customize your player to either follow the user device’s color mode option or always to be either light or dark. When WavePlayer is configured to use the device’s color mode preference, the player automatically switches to the appropriate style, allowing each user to experience the player in their preferred surroundings.

WavePlayer Dark Mode may be used in conjunction with your primary WordPress theme, but it can also be used independently of whether your theme is currently compatible with Dark Mode. WavePlayer is prepared to adapt to each user’s Dark Mode preferences, regardless of whether your theme supports dark mode.

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    16 February 2021
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