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TM Pointer is a completely configurable WordPress cursor plugin. Additionally, it is completely compatible with the Elementor page builder. Custom cursors are one of the hottest trends in web design right now. When a user is browsing a website on a desktop device, the cursor is the primary component that connects the user to the website. With TM Pointer, you can build a really unique user experience that will set your site apart from the competition.
Custom Cursor for the Entire Site: Select a cursor from the plugin’s configuration options and you’re good to go! The style settings allow you to customise the cursor size and colour.
Cursor for a certain post / page: You’re not interested in using the same cursor on every page, are you? There is no issue. You may build a custom cursor for a given post or page directly from Gutenberg, or you can enable/disable the default cursor for that page. The metabox is compatible with all custom post kinds available in WordPress, including posts, pages, WooCommerce items, and Easy Digital Downloads goods.
Page Builder with Elementor: TM Pointer does not need the usage of a page builder. It is completely backwards compatible with Gutenberg. However, if you want to work with Elementor, you may customise the cursor for each section or column. You may easily alter these cursors directly from the Elementor editor.
Cursors based on an image or icon: You may build custom cursors for your site using any picture or icon.
Select HTML Elements to Highlight When Mouse Over: You may select any HTML element to highlight when the mouse is hovered over. You may target elements using an HTML tag, an id, or a class (you are not limited with links). You may pick an unlimited number of elements.
Animated Click: Custom CSS animation that plays when the mouse is clicked.
Hide Mode: You can hide the cursor if it does not move within a specified time period. Native Cursor: You may show/hide the browser’s default cursor.
Cursor and Node (cursor follower) Velocity: You may modify the cursor and node (cursor follower) velocities.
Compatible with all major browsers.
Lightweight: Clean, developer-friendly code. All essential files are loaded only when the pointer is moved across the page.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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