tm intro user onboarding tour addon for elementor


TM Intro is an Elementor page builder add-on for user onboarding tours. Create introductions for your website with ease using step-by-step instruction.

The user onboarding experience (FUX) is the initial interaction a user has with a website when they visit it for the first time. An onboarding process can take numerous forms: a brief slide presentation of critical features, a product tour, or a procedure for creating an account. The goal is to inform users about the information they need to know as soon as they arrive on your website for the first time. TM Intro lets you construct a page introduction using the Elementor page builder.

Completely Customizable: TM Intro is highly adaptable. You can add any Elementor section, column, or widget to the user onboarding tour with a few clicks. TM Intro includes a plethora of customizing possibilities. You may adjust every aspect of the components (colors, fonts, borders, and shadows, for example).

Everything is customizable: You are not restricted to the preset theme. You may even design your own! Colors, fonts, borders, and shadows may all be customized to your liking.

Select a Start Time: Begin the tour immediately once the page loads, or build a button or link that allows people to begin the tour at their leisure.

Set-Cookie: If you enable cookies, the user onboarding tour will not restart once they dismiss the instructions.

Tooltip May Be Fixed Or Sticky: You can either set the tooltip to the bottom of the page or attach it to the highlighted area.

You can enable/disable auto-generated step numbers and rearrange the sequence of the stages.

You may travel between steps using the preceding/following buttons and bullets. Additionally, keyboard navigation is supported.

Control Allow/disallow interactions with components contained within the highlighted box. This may be advantageous if the box contains a clickable element.

The progress bar indicates your current position in the onboarding tour process.

Compatible with all major browsers.

Lightweight: Clean, developer-friendly code. All necessary files are loaded only if the plugin is used on the page.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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