Live Chat Facebook WordPress Plugin


With a monthly user base of 1.2 billion, start offering help to your customers and resolving their issues promptly with the Live Chat Facebook WordPress Plugin. Maintain your website’s social media status on Facebook for your visitors using this WordPress Plugin. This is the simplest, most rapid, and quickest method of providing live and real-time help to your customers, instead of depending only on the sluggish Email procedure. It will be conducive for users and business/website owners since this Plugin maintains a persistent conversation history. Display the chatbox on any page, post, or complete website to allow people to initiate communication with you from anywhere and at any time. Connect and speak with several individuals simultaneously with our simple and user-friendly Live Chat Facebook WordPress Plugin.

Anytime, live chat with a client.
Modify Button Text Include a Chat Box on the Page and Post User-Friendly
Simple to use and adapt
Multi-Chat with User History

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  • Released On:
    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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