TapTap: A Super Customizable Mobile Menu Plugin


We set out to design TapTap to be an easy-to-customize, responsive, mobile-first, off-canvas menu plugin for WordPress that could be used on almost any website.

Whether you’re designing a portfolio for a creative or a corporate site, combining and matching fonts, font sizes, icons, letter spacing, colors, button and logo locations, backdrops, alignments, and animation speeds enable you to build a responsive menu that is completely yours rapidly. Forget about pre-defined layouts and create the mobile menu you like. Real-time previews enable you to quickly and easily design your new menu.

To get the whole scoop on TapTap, please read the features list below and visit the demo site to see live demonstrations.

PS! TapTap is included in the WordPress Mobile Menu Bundle at a discounted price.

TapTap’s complete feature set includes the following:
TapTap is the most configurable WordPress mobile menu accessible anywhere. To familiarize yourself with everything that may be edited, added, and customized, please see the complete information on TapTap’s near-endless possibilities below.
Button Menu
The menu button may be positioned left or right, and then the top/side distance can be fine-tuned with per-pixel precision.
Menus may be accessed with a click/tap or a mouseover.
Six distinct menu button designs
Each style is available in both standard and thin variants (12 designs total)
Each button is animated in two distinct ways (or no animation at all)
Customize the animation speed
Adjust the opacity of the button
Customize the color of the menu, the hover color, and the colors that appear while the menu is active.
Include a label for the menu button
Enter your own label wording here
With per-pixel precision, position the label anywhere around the button.
Customize the font size
Customize the letter spacing
Choose a typeface for the label (12 options available, or use a theme font)
If the menu button is hidden, the label (if one is entered) will stay visible and may be used to activate the menu.
Customize the color of the label and the hover color
Optionally conceal the menu button (helpful if you want to trigger the menu through a custom element).
Positioning of the Logo
Placing the logo to the left, center, or right, and then fine-tuning the top/side distance with per-pixel precision
If you input a logo as text:
Customize the font size
Customize the letter spacing
Choose a logo font (12 options available, or use a theme font)
Customize the background color and hover color
If a logo is uploaded as an image:
Customize the size of your logo picture
Alternatively, conceal the logo location.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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