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Built on top of the Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.7 Framework, Space is a high-end Web Application Admin Dashboard with a modern design. For any form of a backend application, it was developed to be the most functional, clean, and well-designed template available on the market. All of the common aspects have been meticulously created.

We appreciate it when all updates are provided for free. Following the purchase of Space, you will be able to download any future updates. Please remember to give us a five-star rating if you like our template. A high rating ensures that you will get more and better updates in the future!

  • Bootstrap 3.3.7, HTML5, and CSS3 were used to create these features:
    Completely Responsive.
  • Cross-browser compatibility that is well documented Compatible.
  • Sidebars that are static or fixed, fluid or boxed layouts, and a collapsed sidebar are all options. Layout Alternatives.
  • Charts created using Flowchart, NVD3, and Charts.
  • Wizard for Creating DataTables.
  • Dropzone Image Cropping X-editable File Uploading.
  • Notifications from Toastr.
  • Nestable lists are shown in a tree view.
  • Tables of Pricing.
  • Pages such as the Inbox, Profile, Login, Register, Lock Screen, Invoice, Timeline, Todo, Gallery, and Error Pages are all available.
  • Google Maps as well as Vector Maps.

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    16 February 2021
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