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Restricted Blocks is a WordPress plugin that enables you to show or conceal particular Gutenberg blocks based on user-defined parameters.

To utilize this plugin, the user must first create a restriction using the plugin’s dedicated menu and then associate the restriction with a block using the block settings sidebar’s selector.

There are several sorts of limitations available:


A constraint that always obscures the block. This sort of limitation can be used to conceal blocks that are not yet ready for publication.


This restriction password-protects a portion of the article’s content.


The content of an age-restricted block gets viewable only when the user’s age has been validated.


This restriction shows the block only if the user’s nation, as determined by a geolocation database, matches the restriction settings’ country.

Disclaimer: This product may contain MaxMind’s GeoLite2 data, accessible at


This limitation enables you to display the block only on devices that fall into a specified category. You can choose between the “Desktop” and “Mobile” options.


This option allows you to show or conceal a block for a specified time interval.

The capability of the User

This limitation allows you to show a block only to WordPress users who possess specified capabilities.

Internet Protocol Address

The plugin checks the user’s IP address to the list of IP addresses given in the restriction settings when this restriction is enabled. Only if there is a match is the block displayed.


This limitation enables you to show custom content in response to the presence of a specified cookie. Nota bene, if necessitated, you may optionally validate the cookie value as well.

HTTP Message Headers

This limitation enables you to validate the existence and values of particular HTTP headers.

Examining the user’s HTTP Header reveals several alternatives. For instance, you may conceal a portion of the page’s content from particular crawlers, conceal a block from people who arrive via links on specified websites, and much more.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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