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Responsive Posts Carousel is a small but effective WordPress Plugin that displays Posts, Gallery Images, WooCommerce Products, and all other custom post kinds in a touch-enabled carousel/slider. You may select from more than 50 ready-to-use templates and alter them using the Live Template Editor. Several settings and choices are available to design an awesome post slider quickly. You can design sliders of practically any type, including ShowCase, Vertical Slider, and Multi-Row Slider. The number of columns for sliders may be customized independently for each platform (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile), and the Equal Height option enhances the aesthetics and symmetry of your slides. Additionally, you may set a custom picture size to improve page load time, and the lazyload option will display your slider while the page loads.

The post-selection criteria are versatile, and you may show posts/cpts based on their IDs, type, date, author, status, taxonomy, keyword, or even custom meta. Custom ordering enables you to organize and sort your slides according to your requirements. A placeholder image can be used instead of a featured image for posts that lack one. Additionally, certain positions might be omitted from the specified criteria.

You may use the slider to display custom meta for posts/cpts. Additionally, Advanced Custom Fields are supported. All templates, like WordPress’s other template files, maybe overridden to make changes by copying them to the Theme’s/Child Theme’s directory. Additionally, Page Builders are available for displaying the actual content rather than the shortcodes themselves.

The AJAX-based popup (lightbox) above the slider enables you to rapidly browse the whole article without actually visiting the post details page.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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