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Booking & Rental Plugin for WooCommerce: The plugin’s many settings and versatile features make it compatible with a variety of rental systems. The rental plugin is based on woocommerce, which allows for easy customization of features and layouts. The rental plugin is compatible with the following systems: Car Rental, Hotel Booking, Tour Booking, Travel Booking, Boat Rental, Bicycle Rental, Transportation Service, Taxi (Location) Service, and so on.
You can quickly incorporate the plugin into a theme, modify the plugin’s template in a child theme, and make use of the flexibility of many hooks.

Notification by Email
After booking or canceling, a confirmation email or cancellation email will be automatically sent to the customer’s email address. Clients will get a reminder email x days before the pick-up date.
Search feature that is robust
Clients may use the search engine to filter goods and services based on their specific requirements, regardless of the device they are using. Look for:
– Date of Pickup – Date of Dropoff – Pickup Location – Dropoff Location
– Categorization – Labeling – Attributes
– Trademark
– Personalized Taxonomy (Admin can make unlimited custom taxonomy)
Manually create an order
This capability is critical when the administrator wishes to add offline orders in response to booking requests received through phone or directly since it enables the administrator to handle both types of orders on the fly: online and offline.
Multiple products are available for renting.
This enables clients to place orders for a single or numerous goods. It simplifies the payment process for clients. They are not required to pay for several products while placing innumerable orders.
Prepared Period
The plugin enables owners to choose a time interval between two leases, during which they may inspect the merchandise and prepare for customer greetings.
Order Management – Order Search Tool: Admins may filter orders in the backend by the following criteria: + Order ID + Customer Name + Check-in Date + Check-out Date + Pick-up Location + Drop-off Location + Order Status + Product.

– Manually edit orders + edit clients’ personal information + edit delivery addresses + edit deposit, remaining, and insurance amounts + add a required fee, shipping charge, and tax

Deposit Management
Customers may pay in whole or in part.
Insurance Management
The administrator collected or paid insurance proceeds on behalf of customers.
Acceptance of payment
Customers may pay for their reservations using any payment channels supported by WooCommerce, including Paypal, Stripe, and Payoneer. Allow the administrator to specify a prepaid amount and partial and complete payment requirements.
A Booking Request
When visitors submit a booking request, the administrator receives it. The administrator may contact visitors through phone or email to confirm the booking.
Customers may choose to cancel their purchases under certain unforeseen circumstances. The plugin enables them to withdraw. All cancellations will be accepted immediately and without any effort on your part. Customers and the administrator will automatically get an email notification of the cancellation. After receiving cancellation notices, the administrator reimburses clients.
Using the Elementor plugin, create a product template.
With the Elementor plugin, you can design a template for the Product detail page. The plugin includes support for Full Elements on the product detail page. Consult the document.
Additional noteworthy features include the following: – Add a limitless number of characteristics
– Increase the price of additional services
– Bilingualism
– Manage Inventory – Create an infinite number of custom taxonomies – Display any shortcode in a tab
– Reservations calendar on the backend
– Fully Responsive: Designed to provide an optimal user experience across all devices.
– Search Shortcode: Embed a search form anywhere on a page.
– Booking Form Shortcode: displays a product’s booking form on any page.
– Request Booking Form shortcode: displays the product’s request booking form on any page.
– Calendar shortcode: displays a product’s calendar on any page.
– Table Pricing shortcode: use this to show a product’s table price on any page.
– Features shortcode: displays a product’s features on any page.
Numerous Languages
Compatibility with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin and the Polylang Plugin.
Developer – Easily alter the design and style in a child theme – Multiple hooks support

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