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A distinctive visitor experience is what a creative WordPress blog theme should give. And you, as the site owner, should feel as though this theme was developed just for you. That is precisely what Gliu does.

The WOW Factor
We worked diligently to build a “killer” blog site in order to maximize the impression at first glance, dubbed “The WOW Effect.” The little elements, animations, hover effects, and unique approach contribute to this.

Concentrated on Creativity
If we’re discussing a creative WordPress blog theme, you can expect to discover something novel and unique. With this notion in mind, we designed Gliu. Thus, your unique material will shine in Gliu, owing to the site’s excellent design.

Awe-inspiring Gliu Slider
We’re very sure you’ve never seen a slider quite like this before! After preloading your slides, it emerges with a fantastic animation embellished with various shapes, colors, and sizes of icons (we call them sparkles). And these sparkles animate randomly with each movement. You may adjust the quantity of sparkles as desired.

As you may have seen, you can utilize gifs in the Gliu slider to enhance the appearance of your blog. Your gif files must be 260260px wide to display correctly in the slider. However, how are you going to modify a gif file? Fortunately, there is an excellent site for altering animated gifs: It is absolutely free to use.

(New/Hot/Sponsored) Badges
Make your posts stand out by labeling them! These badges are completely customizable and may be applied using the “Edit Post” screen’s “Gliu Post Options” panel.

You may quickly change the kind of post you create by ticking or unchecking the boxes on the “Edit Post” screen’s “Gliu Post Options” panel.

Posts in the Gallery

Include your gallery into your article by clicking the “Add Media > Create Gallery” option. Gliu will take it and put it at the top of your article as a beautiful slider.

Posts with Video
When you add a YouTube or Vimeo video to a post and choose “Video” as the post type, Gliu locates the first video in the center and places it at the top, similar to a featured picture.

Embeds for Social Media
Gliu identifies and tastefully decorates your Twitter and Instagram embeds with stripes. Enter the whole URL of your Instagram/Twitter post, and you’re good to go. Simple and effortless.

Gliu’s banner management system lets you place your banners in ten various spots on the homepage, page, and post pages.

WordPress Customizer That Is Simple to Use
We value your time and work. That is why we have attempted to make your task as simple as possible when experimenting with the customizer. Gliu makes use of the built-in WordPress customizer, which enables you to alter the majority of the theme’s settings with a single mouse click.

  • View Screenshots of the Gliu Customizer
  • The Responsive WordPress Blog Theme Includes a Child Theme
  • No prior knowledge of coding is necessary.
  • Three types of posts are available: standard, gallery, and video.
  • Included are all Google typefaces.
  • Set the font size for menu items, the slider title, the post title, the post excerpt, and the post body.
  • Unlimited Optional Colors
  • Seven variants of the header depending on three logo positions: Above the menu is a logo, below the menu is a logo, and on the left is a logo.
  • Two different blog homepage layouts are available: two columns and three columns. Additionally, you may add optional SEO content to your blog’s homepage by simply pasting it into the
  • customizer’s boxes.
  • Slider Gliu
  • The slider may be used to display blog entries or a specific category.
  • The slider controls the number of sparkles.
  • Sidebar Not Visible
  • Customize the size of the featured image “Hero Featured Image” with a dark/light title option
  • Base choices for “Related Posts”: Author, Tag, Classification, or Random
  • Increase or decrease the number of related posts
  • Change the size of the logo image
  • Elements Visible/Not Visible
  • Translation of the Banner Management System using the Theme Customizer
  • 19 Available Social Media Accounts Contact Form 7 Sustain SEO friendliness
  • The W3C has validated demo Content That

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