Edison Online Education Elementor Template Kit


Edison is a WordPress template kit for the Elementor Page Builder plugin. The world is changing, and online education has become the most popular, acquiring new skills. That is why we created a colorful, modern framework for education platforms, courses, webinars, training, study, and masterclasses, among other things. It has all essential sections such as a course description that might serve as a home page for the course, a library of all courses, a media library, professors, a frequently asked question section, and a registration form. Elementor is brimming with solid and straightforward features that open up an infinite number of possibilities. The template has a comprehensive collection of elegantly designed layout components, blogs, lists, and courses pages that enable you to create the ideal genuine education website.

Edison was painstakingly built by an experienced designer with a keen eye for detail, adaptability, and performance, focusing on building one-of-a-kind WordPress websites. This template was designed using Elementor and Elementor Pro and is readily editable in Elementor. It also works with the majority of themes. Specific components and functionalities need the Elementor Pro upgrade to be imported as templates.


  • Pages and Arrangements.
  • Home.
  • About.
  • Courses in their entirety.
  • Contact.
  • Events.
  • Faq.
  • Description of the Course.
  • Journal.
  • Login.
  • Library of Multimedia.
  • Title of the page.
  • Page de recherche.
  • lone post.
  • Teachers.
  • Prices.
  • Sections.
  • Edison Header Menu.
  • Footer by Edison.
  • Block of Text.
  • Block of Heroes.
  • About Information Block.
  • Style 1 of the Banner Block.
  • Style 2 of the Banner Block.
  • Style 3 of the Banner Block.
  • Style 4 of the Banner Block.
  • Style 5 of the Banner Block.
  • Columns Block of Information Boxes.
  • Style 2 Contact Form Block.
  • Block with Contact Information.
  • Anti-Block.
  • Block Style 1 for Course Boxes.
  • Block Style 2 Course Boxes.
  • Block with the Course Registration Form.
  • Box Column Description Block of Courses.
  • Counter-Blocking Event.
  • Boxes of Events.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Accordion Block.
  • Block with Information Boxes.
  • Grid Information Boxes.
  • Image Block for Header Hero.
  • Lottie Animation Block as a Header.
  • Block of Information Boxes With Buttons.
  • Style 2 of the Info section Block.
  • Block of information.
  • Block of Prices Tables.
  • Block describing the program’s courses.
  • Subscription to Cta Block.
  • Block of Teachers.
  • Banner With Testimonials And Information.
  • Block On Color Bg Testimonials.
  • Block Of Testimonials On A White Background.
  • Grid Block for Video.
  • Block of Video With Description
  • Advantages of the Edison Template
  • Included are Global Theme Styles.
  • 53 Templates for Elementor
  • Perfectly Executed Design
  • 100% Fluid Responsive
  • Simple and Clean Style
  • Simple to Use and Fully Customizable
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera are all supported browsers.
  • Utilization of Free Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome 5 Pro Icons
  • Color Blindness Simulator Tested
  • 100% SEO-Friendly
  • Ideally suited for Elementor Pro
  • Support that is prompt, devoted, and professional
  • The Design Complies with the WCAG 2 Requirements

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  • Released On:
    16 February 2021
  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.7.x,
  • Framework:
    Elementor Pro, Elementor