Display WooCommerce Variations as Simple Products


The Single Variants plugin extends the functionality of the variable products page by allowing variations to be shown as single items in your shop! Thus, your clients will be able to view all versions as unique goods and quickly add them to their shopping basket, resulting in higher sales!
If you have an online store and offer a dress in several colors via a variable product, you may display the variants on the shop page as distinct goods. Assist clients in locating and purchasing what they’re seeking more quickly!
Additionally, boost your SEO traffic by establishing more targeted internal links with customized variant names. Provide an easy purchasing experience for your consumers by showing variants as separate goods and allowing them to add them directly to their shopping basket.
Features Present Variations as Individual Products Rather than displaying a single variable product, the Single Variants plugin displays all variations as individual goods on your store and category pages. Substitute “Add to Cart” for the standard “Select Options” button beneath variable goods.
Exclude one or more Product Categories or Products at a time. You may exclude variable goods, single variants, or whole categories with a few clicks.
UNIQUE Feature: Titles for SEO – Rewrite the product’s title without effort! Create custom variant titles automatically, such as “Red Dress and Size S.”
Rename all variation children in bulk. If you want to improve your SEO titles even further, you can bulk edit all variant children and create a bespoke title for each variation in a matter of seconds!

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    16 February 2021
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