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The Crumber is a lightweight and straightforward WordPress plugin for Elementor that allows you to add breadcrumbs to any page on your website, therefore improving the user experience. Not only does the tool allow you to create and modify breadcrumb elements quickly, but it also supports Schema Markup for displaying a rich snippet in search results.
The plugin allows you to adjust the appearance of items and enable/disable the child, parent, and home pages. Additionally, you may design customized breadcrumbs entirely with unique links for each item. Select a separator of your choice, whether a symbol, letter, or icon. It enables you to disable the display of breadcrumbs for specific post types if they are utilized in Elementor templates throughout the site via a unique widget option. The responsive plugin’s uncomplicated style options enable you to easily edit the color of ordinary, hover and active item states; modify separator style settings; and customize text, background, border, and shadow.
We wanted to make it as simple as possible to get started with Crumber. The plugin includes five distinct stylish and ready-to-use templates. These are only a few examples that might serve as inspiration for developing your style. It enables you to get started quickly with only a few clicks. Crumber for Elementor is a cross-browser extension that works flawlessly in all contemporary browsers. It is irrelevant whether browser your site is viewed on: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge. Everything will look fantastic across all devices and browsers.

The Crumber plugin for Elementor includes the following features: • Includes Schema Markup for rich snippets • Supports custom breadcrumbs • Controls the display of the home, parent, and child pages • WooCommerce compatibility • Supports two types of separators: text and icon • Responsive and friendly to all devices • Font Awesome Icon Support • Font Awesome Icon Picker Integrated • Customizable fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, and more • Responsiveness.
• Lightweight and fast • Compatible with all major browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge • Simple to use and configure with a contemporary User Interface Included Purchaser support for CodeCanyon
Installing the plugin takes only a few seconds. Additionally, no other settings are required. The plugin is immediately functional upon installation – all you need to install and activate it in WordPress. The Online Documentation contains further information about capabilities and options.

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    16 February 2021
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