Block — Construction, Architecture WordPress Theme


Block is a minimal business WordPress theme ideal for architectural, construction, construction management, and corporate consultancy websites. It is completely responsive, which means it will look fantastic on any device. Block was developed using best WordPress practices by skilled designers and developers. With three color schemes, fourteen unique widgets, twenty-five theme options, and a WordPress customizer, you may tailor it to your project’s specifications. Because Block does not need any plugins to function, you may begin using it immediately after purchase, and our innovative & easy Demo Manager will assist you with installing demo material with a single click. It is WPML compatible, and you can integrate any plugin you choose.

Available pages
• 404 – fully customizable using the WordPress customizer • Coming Soon – fully adjustable via the WordPress customizer (4 layouts and more settings)
• One-of-a-kind gallery and picture box views (using native WordPress gallery)
• Results page for a search
• A listing of comments and a comment form • A listing of blogs • A listing of single blog posts • A listing of blogs with a full-width widget • A listing of blogs with a fullwidth widget
• Projects listing • Projects listing complete width widget • Services listing
• A listing of team members • A fullwidth widget for team members • A single page for history
• A listing of the company’s history • A fullwidth widget for the company’s history • A single page for testimonials
• A listing of testimonials • A fullwidth testimonials widget
Management of Content
• Blog • Archive page of posts with date and category filters • Single post page
• Fullwidth widget for presenting the most recent blog articles on the home page or other site pages
• Projects • Projects listing page – filters by project type, date range, and project characteristics • single Project page – main image, project type, picture gallery, project attributes, project description, project features, and list of comparable projects.
• Project types • Photo gallery — editable through the editing panel
• Customizable project features through the editing panel
• Customizable project properties through the editing panel
• Widget with full width for presenting projects on the home page or other site pages
• Testimonials • Testimonials listing page
• Fullwidth widget for presenting testimonials on the site’s home page or other pages
• Search • Search results page that accurately shows all types of discovered information • People • People archive page – filters by specialization
• Individual profile page – picture, skills, social media connections, specialty, biography, and a list of team members with the same expertise.
• Fullwidth widget for showing chosen users on the site’s home or other pages
• Individual specialties
• Competencies at various degrees of competency (customizable via editing panel)
• Social media linkages with over 100 social media icons (customizable via editing panel)
• Company history • A timeline-style documentation of the company’s history
• A page detailing the company’s history
• Fullwidth widget for showing a custom history interval on the site’s home or other pages
• Services • Dedicated page with a listing of available services
• Pages • Four distinct layouts or pages, each with a fullwidth widget location
• Site visitors
• Options for uploading and modifying a site user’s profile picture
• Pages titled “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance.”
• Countdown timer and automatic access to the site, as well as a configurable background picture.
• Other
• Fullwidth slider widget for presenting any material • Subscription widget for easy news subscription • Contacts widget with over 100 social icons • Fullwidth call-to-action widget
• content slider (full width) • projects (full width) • blog posts (full width) • business team (full width) • testimonials (full width) • about (full width) • features (full width) • partners (full width) • counters (full width) (sidebar)
All theme customization options are included in the regular WordPress customizer.
All widgets and modifying settings in the theme are editable in real-time using the WordPress customizer’s live preview.
Several of the many customization options:
• three distinct color schemes
• a customized logo • a customized header background • the ability to enable/disable page components (search, breadcrumbs, archive tabs, and more)
• customized archive category tabs and user filters • site copyrights • site access control options (coming soon page settings) • site error page control options (404-page settings) • and more.


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  • Released On:
    16 February 2021
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  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.7.x,
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