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Your visitors will know they’ve landed on a genuine fashion site with Blake von Hauer’s delectable taste.

We all know that the majority of photographs in the fashion industry are vertical. And Blake von Hauer is born to accompany them! But have no fear, Blake will take care of your horizontal photographs as well.

Always keep in mind that themes with balanced and beautiful details are worth their weight in gold for people who care about the aesthetics of the content. Fashion and interior design bloggers, in particular, need these subjects. Because for them, a website is synonymous with an art gallery where they may exhibit their work. And Blake von Hauer is the theme world’s Louvre Museum!

We might claim that our fashion magazine’s motif is “feminine.” It has silky pink and color tones. The advanced harmony of italic, bold, and regular font types works well with the overall design. Additionally, the many slider use methods and the views obtained in digitized regions elevate our theme to a new level.

Vertical images are quite popular in fashion photography. This may quickly become a problem with standard themes. However, our theme perfectly supports both vertical and horizontal photos. In a nutshell, we can ensure that you’ll discover all of the elements necessary for a current fashion blog theme.

Blake von Hauer gently shapes your vertical photos so that they always fill the whole canvas without cropping. If horizontal photos are not as high as vertical images, they may be converted to vertical thumbnails by choosing a distinct size in your customizer.

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    16 February 2021
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