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The Uper is a little WordPress plugin for Elementor that allows you to easily add a back-to-top button to your website without requiring any coding experience. This simple tool will assist in improving the user experience, which will have a beneficial effect on conversion. Only a few clicks are necessary to add a button to any convenient location on your site.
The plugin enables you to put both a standard and sticky button in one of eight different positions. Not only can the Uper button take you to the top of the page, but it may also point to a specific page element using an anchor. You may decide when the back-to-top item should appear and disappear using the advanced options and pick the hover/appearance animation. The completely customizable button allows you to alter the name and design of the button and choose an icon from the Font Awesome collection. Additionally, the widget has a circular indication for page scrolling and the option to modify display styles. You can quickly and easily create a customised back-to-top element that matches your site’s design with the plugin.
We make it as simple as possible to get started with Uper. The plugin includes five distinct stylish and ready-to-use templates. These are only a few examples that might serve as inspiration for developing your style. It enables you to get started quickly with only a few clicks.
The tool features a straightforward design with flexible options for each piece. You may choose the size, typography, colors, background, and border. It is possible to apply multiple styles to buttons in different states, such as average or hover.
The Uper for Elementor is a cross-browser extension that works flawlessly with all current browsers. It is irrelevant whether browser your site is viewed on: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge. Everything will look fantastic across all devices and browsers.

The Uper plugin for Elementor includes the following features: • Support for scrolling to the top/to anchor • Support for eight sticky button positions • Fixed and sticky button positions • Circular indicator of page scrolling • Various types of scroll easing • Customizable button content • Responsive and friendly to all devices • Multiple navigations for a single page and anywhere on the site • Font Awesome icon support • Font Awesome icon picker integrated.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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