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Auto Google News enables you to aggregate an unlimited number of RSS feeds and publish them automatically on your website in a matter of minutes.
With Auto Google News, you can sit back and let your site Autoblog, ensuring that your site is constantly fresh with new information. This helps enhance content marketing, boosts your SEO, increases audience engagement, and, most likely, earns you more money.
AUTO GOOGLE NEWS SHOULD BE USED IF YOU ARE THE OWNER OF A NEWS WEBSITE. You require a WordPress news aggregator to update your site with the newest news constantly. You’re the proprietor of a blog. You require a WordPress content aggregator to Autoblog and engage your audience with new material. You wish to increase your SEO rankings. You’re developing a website for a customer and want to demonstrate a news feed with often updated information rapidly. You’re developing a corporate website and include a news/blog page to help with reputation and SEO. Concentrate on your business and let Auto Google News handle the content marketing. You own an affiliate company or wish to supplement your income using RSS affiliate marketing feeds. You want a straightforward but comprehensive solution for curating any content in your sector, such as property listings for a real estate website or product listings for an allied e-commerce site. You wish to make more money due to the perks mentioned above.
Principal Characteristics 1. Automated blogging with an infinite number of keywords and scraper campaigns. 2. Create posts for each blog using unlimited keywords, including long-tail keywords. 3. Suggestions for keywords through the Google suggest API 4.There is no duplication of content. Advanced settings ensure the plugin does not duplicate any material on your site. 5. Create posts based on the keywords you’ve chosen. 6.Makes use of the caching system 7. Schedule the publication of content according to your preferences. 8. Utilize WP-Cron to check and perform scraper campaigns on the backend automatically. 9. Select a post type, a post, a page, or an attachment. 10. Choose a post’s status: publish, draught, private, or pending. 11. Choose the author of post 12. Automatically add logs when scraper campaigns and wp-cron tasks are executed 13.RSS to Post (our most popular feature): instantly converts RSS feed items to WordPress pages, posts, and custom post types. 14. Automatically import and combine an unlimited number of RSS feeds from an unlimited number of sources 15. Import and categorize several feed sources with comparable subjects in bulk. 16.Content that is responsive across platforms

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    16 February 2021
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