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HomeSweet – Real Estate WordPress Theme users may manage their own listings without logging into the admin panel. Additionally, they may modify their profile, password, and payment history. You may begin charging your customers and earning money by using HomeSweet. We created a theme for you with a significant emphasis on monetization. While pay per post and packages are industry norm, you may supplement your monthly income with our new “extras” earning methods (such as pay per featured or pay for TOP). HomeSweet is a strong theme due to the combination of monetization and our statistics.

The theme is highly scalable, and it can be used for both huge real estate websites and tiny real estate companies in a matter of clicks. Do you need specific modifications to your website? Not at all. Everything is connected to WordPress activities and may be deleted or added with ease. Please see our extensive documentation or video channel if you encounter an issue. Finally, there is always our dedicated support team there to assist you.

Submission of the Front End

HomeSweet enables your users to add properties. With a few clicks, you may create a property directory. You may examine newly added properties prior to posting if you choose. Of course, you may charge visitors to access your website. The plugin has a pay-per-post and package system.

Management of real estate

Manage properties directly from the WordPress admin area. A customized version of the table display contains critical information regarding properties such as the featured picture, the price, and the taxonomy words allocated to them.

Integration of the WordPress REST API

The plugin has an API for searching for properties. The plugin offers the ability to filter properties according to custom fields. HomeSweet also adds additional fields to the usual API output. Consider submitting an API call to to demonstrate how simple it is to filter by custom fields. Filtering is available using the same fields as the plugin’s front-end widgets. As a result, there are more than 20+ fields accessible.

Formatting Options for Prices

HomeSweet offers a variety of different pricing formatting choices. You may define the currency by specifying the currency symbol and number formatting settings such as the number of decimal places, the decimal point, and the thousands separator.

For properties, you may configure a separate set of pricing options. You may use alphanumeric text in place of the price amount, or you can add your prefix and suffix.

Are you a developer who is still dissatisfied with the way prices are formatted? Do not be concerned. Because everything is contained in a single procedure, it is pretty simple to modify the functionality.

Agents & Agencies

You may assign agents to properties and build agencies to join agents together using the HomeSweet theme. This is ideal for internal use or directory listings.

Custom Fields for Forms

With the Apus Realia Custom Fields plugin, you may add additional fields to your property, agent, or agency.

Support for IDX

The theme is designed to work with dsIDXpress.


  • Submission mechanism for the front end
  • Pay by the post
  • Before submission, review the package system.
  • Pay for prominent or sticky real estate
  • Support for Google Maps
  • Transactions received
  • Favorite characteristics
  • Contrast characteristics
  • Maintain your filter
  • Yelp Listings assist.
  • Support for Walkscore
  • Formatting of prices with sophistication
  • There is a contact form for the agent on each property detail page.
  • Customized sizing
  • Combines well with Twenty Fifteen
  • Simple to use for developers
  • Row/grid/half map/full map version of the property archive OOP architecture reCAPTCHA support for the inquiry form
  • Conditions d’utilisation from the registration form’s URL

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    16 February 2021
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