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Buy For Me is a viral WooCommerce plugin that teaches your customers how to ask for a present from their friends in a fun method. It is compatible with all WooCommerce themes.

Instead of sending a standard email with a link, this plugin enables your visitors to ship the product itself to anybody.

When you click the Buy For Me button, an email preview box appears. Here you will find the product’s picture, title, and price. Now you may choose a pleasing color scheme, compose your message, design your button, and send it to everyone.

Now you can include the “Buy For Me” plugin into your campaign and encourage visitors to promote your items (and, of course, your brand) with their friends in a fun manner.

Plugin Buy For Me: Increase Memorable Visits Today, it’s critical to be remembered by your visitors, particularly in terms of retargeting. The “Buy For Me” plugin assists you in increasing your store’s repeat visitor rate by providing an authentic and memorable buying experience.

It is compatible with all WooCommerce themes.
Simple to use. In five minutes, you’ll be ready to go.
A “Buy For Me” button displays on category and product pages.
The button will be identical to the style of your theme.
To show the button, a shortcode may be utilized.
Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Buy For Me.”
You may substitute any phrase for “Buy For Me.”
At any moment, you may enable/disable the button.
Individually enable/disable the button for each product.
On category pages, enable/disable the button.
Numerous color choices.
The plugin defaults to the colors of your theme, but you may modify them in the preferences section.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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