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The AJAX SEARCH for Woocommerce plugin is an effective and simple-to-use solution that transforms a simple search field into a multipurpose solid live search box without refreshing the page.
It enables your clients to discover other things, and it enables you to sell more products.
The AJAX SEARCH for Woocommerce plugin enables visitors to search for goods within your shop/website and displays the results in real-time. The search bar is the most often used tool on any website, yet it frequently fails to operate efficiently, displays a restricted number of items, and is sluggish and difficult to use.
The elements of a superb search form make it quick and straightforward to locate all catalog goods, owing to an immediate search that allows for searching by tags, categories, and product codes.
Additionally, outstanding features search into a marketing tool by providing a product preview tailored to a user’s specific demands or emphasizing certain discounts and promotions in the search results.

List of features: Display the search box in any location. You may embed the search box onto any website, use it as a widget, or even replace the default WordPress search box. Showcase a sample of the product. You may include an image of the product in the search results preview (you can optionally choose its location and size). Indicate the product’s price.
Additionally, include the price in the search results preview and emphasize discounts and specials. Display Products vary in nature, Not just for the content of parent variable goods but also for all of their variants. Provide a concise description of the items. In the search preview, include helpful information about the product. Promotional products Customize the label to draw attention to reduced and promotional items. Sale items, out-of-stock items, and highlighted labels are all available! Search engine optimization To make it simpler for consumers to locate your items and enhance the quality of the user experience in your shop, you may enable customers to search for keywords in the title, description, or excerpt.
Additionally, you may search solely within the post meta Search field. The search form is fully customizable, from the search input label to the search button. You may choose a minimum and maximum amount of characters in the search field, as well as a maximum number of search results.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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