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Cubic Admin is a sophisticated admin dashboard template. It is designed to be used with any administration software. A responsive HTML template built on the Bootstrap CSS framework is a great way to get your website noticed. All Bootstrap components are utilised to develop the design, and many regularly used plugins have been restyled to provide a uniform look that can be used as a user interface for backend applications.


  • There are four or more different dashboards.
  • eCommerce Dashboard Included.
  • Cubic Admin with Light and Dark Sidebars Design that is simple and straightforward.
  • Layouts for Horizontal Navigation.
  • Minimalist Sidebar Design.
  • Skins in six different colours.
  • Data Tables may be exported to CSV, Excel, PDF, and other formats and copied and printed.
  • The main PSD files are included (for a one-time fee of $12).
  • Lightbox.
  • Summernote.
  • Slider with a range of 70+ pages.
  • More than 200 UI Components.
  • Bootstrap 3x Fonts with a total of 1000+ characters Icons.
  • Fully responsive pages.
  • CSS Lessbase is a CSS lessbase.
  • Simple to personalise.
  • There are a lot of charts. Options.
  • Upload several files at the same time.
  • Tables with Multiple Rows and Columns.
  • Forms for Validation.
  • Several plugins are ready to use.
  • Menu de l’écran principal.
  • The first dashboard, the second dashboard, and the third eCommerce dashboard.
  • Inbox Inbox specifics.
  • UI Elements Panels and Wells Panels may be used to compose email messages using blockUI (New).
  • Buttons sTabs.
  • Modal Progress Bars are used in many applications.
  • Notifications.
  • User Cards for the Carousel.
  • Timeline.
  • The timeline that runs horizontally (New).
  • Slider with a range of values (New).
  • Steps to Create Bootstrap UI Ribbons.
  • Optimal Session Timeout sSesssion Timeout sForms.
  • Forms for the Most Basic Situations.
  • Control Form is checked in the Form Layout section. Addons sForm Material File Uploading a Material File Dropzone sForm-pickers.
  • Illustrations of Pages.
  • Page, to begin with, is a blank page.
  • Profile.
  • Password Reset Instructions (New).
  • Result of a search (New).
  • Scrolling to your liking (New).
  • A page for logging in.
  • Activate the Lock Screen (New).
  • Animated gifs (New).
  • Profile sInvoice sGallery sPricing.
  • Register sError Pages.
  • Charts.
  • Morris Chart is a graphical representation of the relationship between two people.
  • Charts of Popularity.
  • Charts with a sparkline.
  • Knob charts are a kind of chart that has knobs on them (New).
  • Tables.
  • Tables of Contents.
  • Layouts for tables (New).
  • Table of Contents.
  • Bootstrap Tables Tables that are responsive.
  • Tables that can be edited.
  • Widgets sIcons.
  • The fonts are fantastic.
  • Icons made out of a single line.
  • Maps provided by Google.
  • Map using Vectors.
  • Log out of the calendar.
  • Support sDocumentation sGallery.

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    16 February 2021
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